Updating sky box software

I haven't found a way to hide the channels I don't get yet, so that I don't love.

You can get around that by adding only the channels you get to Favourites, then having the guide only display Favourites, however. I did have connection issues about 20% of the time, but hopefully that will fix itself.

Takes latest pay-to-view Cards - DVB-S2 (High Definition Satellite) giving you HD, includes TV 1, 2 and 3, as well as all your favorite movie and sport channels. Laminated channel list supplied with operating tips.

Recording onto an external USB stick from the 7 day EPG guide system Ideal for the motorhome/caravan etc.

If for any reason the wireless stops (though it’s been 100% reliable in testing), then the Pi3 will just send its own images.

Both include landing prediction fields, and those from MMU will be re-uploaded by a Python script to appear as “XX” on the map.

Change channels and then back, and you can no longer rewind. I said "yes", and was seamlessly switched to the show on VOD, where it started from the beginning.

You can search for shows, set PVR recordings, change channels, all by voice. EDIT: I haven't had any connection issues since I rebooted the box the other day.

NOTE: For those of you with the Gateway system, you will be familiar with the option of being able to rewind your shows about 1/2hr on every channel your tuners are tuned to.

Cheers; Cory EDIT 1: I have been playing with the voice system some more. Example 1: TV: I said "Blackhawks game", and it changed the channel to the Hawks game on Sportsnet. I said "Inconceivable" and it brought up Princess Bride on Vo D.

It's fast too, maybe 1 second to bring up the movie.

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I assume this also works if the show is on Crave TV (and you are subscribed).

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