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For some applications, simply synchronizing a small number of configuration files among a group of machines using tools like rdist(1), cron(8), scp(1) or (available from ports) constitutes an easy and robust alternative to a full-blown directory service.

For compatibility reasons, all security features built into the Open BSD implementation of YP are switched off by default.

To use directory services other than YP, you either need to populate local configuration files from the directory, or you need a YP frontend to the directory.

For example, you can use the port when you choose the former, while the ypldap(8) daemon provides the latter.

For example, if appropriately configured, the following command would display root's crontab(5) file: file.

For the Open BSD base system, there are four options: Apply binary patches If you're running the most recent release of Open BSD, you can simply use the syspatch(8) utility to upgrade any files in need of security or reliability fixes.

This is the quickest and easiest method to get the base system up to date.

Note that binary patches are only available for the amd64, i386, and arm64 architectures.

In particular, YP is inadequate if potential attackers have physical access to your network.

Anybody gaining root access to any computer connected to your network segments carrying YP traffic can bind your YP domain and retrieve its data.

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Upgrade your system to -current As all fixes are applied to the -current code base, updating your system to the latest snapshot is a good way to get all the fixes at once. Upgrade your system to -current and use binary packages Binary packages for -current snapshots are rebuilt on a regular basis, and these new packages will include any security fixes that were committed.

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