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He turned to composing juvenile poetry as a means of playing and reading with his own children.His juvenile selections were enormously successful, especially developed from his own verse publications, but he told Comer that "it was a hobby job," adding, "I think at most it earned me ,000 a year." Ciardi was strongly in favor of exposing poetry to mass audiences.Divided into three major sections—Virgil, who represents the epitome of human knowledge, from the dark wood through the descending circles of the pit of Hell (Inferno).

Known for promoting poetry, he nonetheless never shied away from denigrating what he considers unworthy verse.

At the summit of Purgatory, where repentant sinners are purged of their sins, Virgil departs, having led Dante as far as human knowledge is able, to the threshold of Paradise. Singleton (1970–75), John Ciardi (1977), Allen Mandelbaum (1980–84), Robert M. Martinez (1996–2011), Robert and Jean Hollander (2000–07), and Robin Kirkpatrick (2006–07).

There Dante is met by Beatrice, embodying the knowledge of divine mysteries bestowed by Grace, who leads him through the successive ascending levels of heaven to the Empyrean, where he is allowed to glimpse, for a moment, the glory of God. Notable translations of the 20th and early 21st centuries include those by John D.

He remained a part of the academic community through countless lectures and poetry readings each year, in addition to numerous appearances on educational television.

Influenced by his favorite teacher at Tufts University, poet John Holmes, Ciardi decided early in his college career to devote time to writing verse.

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From juvenile nonsense poetry to scholarly verse translations, Ciardi made an impact upon the general public.

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