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Continue Reading - San Bernardino: False Flag or False Flag Hoax?“When the matter of peace talks between government and Taliban comes into discussion some intelligence agencies make new groups to keep the war ongoing in Afghanistan.” ISIS, Taliban announced Jihad against each other By Khaama Press Mashaal Radio has published a report stating that Daesh and Taliban group have announced Jihad against each other.

A current study, led by researchers from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, sheds light on how.

The tender for the position was opened to domestic firms in July, and the fourth license was expected to be awarded by mid-October.

However, the decision was once again delayed, reportedly due to concerns over Burma’s uncertain political climate.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Burma lost an annual average of 1.7 percent of its forests from 2010-15, bringing total forest cover down to 45 percent. Google products are growing as ubiquitous in classrooms as dry-erase markers.

The most recent numbers show that more than half of classroom computers purchased for US schools are low-cost Chromebooks.

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Lacruz's research team showed that the Neanderthals, who appeared about 200,000 years ago, are quite distinct from Homo sapiens (humans) in the manner in which their faces grow, adding to an old but important debate concerning the separation of these two groups.

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