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The Choora is worn by a newly wed punjabi bride (it is mandatory for them) on the day of her marriage.In pic: Amritsar Craftsman Gurcharan Singh cutting the coloured Choora wedding bangles for packaging at his workshop in Amritsar.

In pic: Shopkeeper and craftsman Gurcharan Singh Channa arranges Choora at his shop in Amritsar for sale.

(Photo | PTI)According to tradition, the bride is not supposed to remove the Choora for a year.

With mordernisation, now the Punjabi brides can remove it after 40 days of marriage.

The powdered leaves, which we call mehndi, is used for colouring various things, including hair, skin, leather, silk, wool, etc.

Water is simply added to the powder and the paste is used for drawing the designs.

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