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Without the effects of reading and writing, 'Jews' could probably never have existed. There are other technical possibilities, for the future: here's an interesting comment: It will be interesting when face-recognition software ... members of cryptic in-groups [and races].' Jewish control of media has suppressed popular discussion of all this; 'politically correct' writers such as Richard Dawkins go to great lengths to avoid any mention of important human racial differences.

The Jewish motive, where it acts, typically in the media and the academic world, seems partly to skirt around the absurdity of their claiming to be chosen by 'G-d', partly because non-Jews are regarded as worthless, partly to ascribe the tale of Ham, Shem, and Japheth to 'G-d', and partly to pretend that non-white immigration is valuable rather than damaging.

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Just as Australia, oxygen, bacteria, the beliefs of Andaman Islanders, buckyballs and NASA's frauds were discovered in the past.

Jewish Influences on White Beliefs and Academic Subjects (in the file 'Guide For the Perplexed'; click the back-arrow to return here) has genuine examples of Jewish influence, the words and phrases of 'political correctness', official vocabularies, censorship, Jewish racism and so on.

'Jews' are a sub-race produced by the written word.

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So why burden them with yet more warnings, and information about a ridiculous bunch of obsolescent fanatics?

The answer of course is that people calling themselves 'Jews' seem to have had disastrous effects. In the same way that the discovery of oxygen explained fire, rust, corrosion, breathing, calories in food, paper turning brown, and how fish live under water, Jews can be studied, and must be, to understand the world as it is now.

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