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Ultimately, I was booked for a C-section only three days before my due date instead of one week before.

And because of the hospital's schedule for performing planned C-sections, I risked being bumped to one day after my due date if the surgery room was too busy with emergencies.

Instead, I was figuring out a three-hour train ride and trying to find a place to stay.

It shouldn't have been this complicated or this stressful.

The first doctor I told that I planned birth by C-section warned me everyone would try to talk me out of it. My mother, friends, doctors, midwives, consultants (in the U.

K., if you need or want a C-section, you are referred to a consultant who decides what happens next) all did their best to frighten me into changing my mind.

If I have to recover from being sliced open, I figured, I would rather it were my stomach, calmly and carefully, than either tearing or being cut there.

'But I'm not going to do it.""What if every woman out there," he said, pointing towards the waiting area, "wanted a C-section? Most women I've met want their birth as natural as possible.

And women who've delivered a baby surgically are often among the most shocked by my preference.

With only three weeks before my due date, I was on the phone calling hospitals across the country to find one I could transfer my prenatal care to, sometimes crying so hard I was barely coherent.

I should have spent my last few days before motherhood packing my baby's first rompers into an overnight bag.

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I didn't want to have to make life-saving decisions possibly after 30 hours or more of labor and no sleep.

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