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11: overprint on stamps of Cape of Good Hope for Griqualand West, 1877-80. Gabon: inscription on stamps of Gabon, 1904-07Gabon Afrique Equatoriale: inscription used on stamps of Gabon, 1910-22. F.: postage due stamps, 1928, "Afrique Equatorial Francais."Gabon Timbre: (Fr.) handstamps on postage due stamps of French Colonies. Gairsay: Scottish local post in Orkney Islands, 1970's. Galdames: (Sp.) overprint on Republican stamps issued in Burgos in 1937 for air mail; never used, city and stamps captured by Nationalists. Galicia, Eastern: part of Austro-Hungarian Empire; 1918: stamps of Austria overprinted "Ykp. P," 1919: various stamps issued for short-lived independent state, 1920: came under control of Poland. Galipoli: Ottoman Empire, Egyptian seals for overseas offices, see Interpostal seals, 1868. C.: postmaster, Memphis, Tenn., issued Confederate Postmaster's Provincial stamp and envelope. 18: independent within the Commonwealth, name changed to The Gambia, 1970, April 24: named a republic, 1974, Oct. Gambiers: ocean island group, bogus overprints, 1877. G&D: overprint on stamps of French Colonies, Guadeloupe, 1903-04. Gandia: local post, Spanish Civil War, Republican, 1937. GAPA: Guichets d'Affranchissement Postal Automatique (Fr.) French all-digital postage meter machine, 1993. Gardner, Beer & Co.: see Private die match proprietary stamps. Gargoyle Motor Express: parcel delivery firm serviced Detroit, Mich area; used stamps, booklets; year unknown. Gaza, Territory of: located on shore of Mediterranean Sea around town of Gaza, in Gaza Strip; 1917-48: Great Britain's Palestine Mandate from the League of Nations, 1948, May 15: controlled by Egypt, 1948: first postage due, air mail issued, 1948, June 1-June 1967: "Palestine"overprint on stamps of Egypt, 1956, Oct. Gazette Moldov: cinderella used in movie "The Truth About Charlie" a remake of "Charade."GB: 1: universal abbreviation for Great Britain. G D: "Grand Duchy" inscription on stamps of Luxembourg 1859-82. GD Liban: overprint on stamps of France, Lebanon, during French Mandate. GD-OT: (Ger., Czech.) overprint on the Bohemia and Moravia newspaper stamp in German and Czech language for commercial printed matter, 1939. A.: 1: overprint on stamps of East Africa and Uganda Protectorates for German East Africa, 1917-1922. Gennemstiking, gennemstukket: (Dan.) roulette perforation, rouletted perforation. Guinea-Bissau: republic of Guinea - Bissau - former Portuiguese Guinea, west coast of Africa; currency: 100 centavos = 1 escudo, 100 centimes = 1 peso 1881: first stamps were Portuguese colonial of Cape Verde overprinted "Guine," followed by "Guine Portugueza" and "Guine." 1974, May 30: joined the UPU, 1974, Sept. Guldfarve: (Dan.) gold (metallic color), see Gylden. Guldkusten: (Swed.) the Gold Coast Guldkysten: (Dan., Nor.) the Gold Coast. GAB, Gabon: handstamp overprint on stamps of French Colonies for Gabon, 1886-89; see Afrique Equatoriale Francaise. Paid 5, Paid 10: see Confederate Postmasters' Provisionals. Gal Courier Mail Service: United Kingdom strike local post, 1971. Gambia: former British colony, west coast of Africa; currency: 12 pence = 1 shilling, 100 bututs = 1 dalasy (1971) 1821: part of Sierra Leone, 1843: separate colony, 1869, Jan: No.1, 4 pence pale brown, first stamps, picturing Queen Victoria, 1888: British Crown Colony, 1963: became self-governing, 1965, Feb. Gap: unprinted space between the ends of two printed precanceling lines, indicating the seam between the mat; if the gap falls on the joint line, it is known as a 'line gap.' plates. 1845-49, issued provisional stamped envelopes in 5 and 10 cent values. Gay & Co's Express: private mail and parcel firm that serviced eastern cities; used labels, 1847-48. Gay's Express: private mail firm serviced Boston and New York City, used labels, 1845-46. GB used: stamps of Great Britain used abroad (mainly Jamaica). C.: Gobierno Constitutionalista (Constitutional Government); overprint on Mexican revolutionary provisionals, 1913-15. 2: overprint for Oaxaca and Sonora revenue issues, Mexico. Geneva: United Nations Post Office(s) 1950-63, 1969- Gennemsnit: (Dan.) average quality. GrønnligblÃ¥: (Nor.) greenish-blue, see Grønnaktig blÃ¥ (color). 2: Republique de Guinee established from French Guinea, 1959, July 13: first stamps overprinted "Republique de Guinee," air mail, postage due issued, 1959, May 6: joined the UPU, 1960: first semipostal issued; see Spanish Guinea. Gulden: currency unit in Netherlands and Dutch colonial area. Dann sind Sie bei der Druck Sprint AG an der richtigen Adresse.Wir sind Ihr Ansprechpartner für das Leporello-Drucken und zahlreiche weitere Druckaufträge.Möchten Sie für private oder gewerbliche Zwecke ein Leporello drucken lassen?Legen Sie auf eine hohe Qualität, effiziente Arbeitsweise und ein gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis grossen Wert?Kontaktieren Sie uns ganz ungeniert zu unseren Öffnungszeiten.Wir freuen uns auf Sie und helfen Ihnen gern weiter.

Der Zickzack Falz ist ein Parallelfalz bei welchem die Seiten in wechselnden Richtungen gefalzt werden.Dank der unglaublichen Länge von 54 Meter drucken wir im Digitaldruck Grossformate für massgeschneiderte Projekte: Displays, Leuchtkasten, Verkaufsladen- oder Firmenbeschriftungen, Messebau u.v.m.Interessant sind hierbei aber auch die kleineren Endprodukte, die gefalzt werden.Mit einem Leporello-Falz kann so ein langes Papier auf ein handliches Endformat gefalzt werden.Aber auch normale Falzprospekte im A5 oder A4-Format sind natürlich kein Problem – digital wie auch im Offsetdruck.

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