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Marriage is a Crazy Thing is a fantastic twist on the classic love story.Both are extremely practically minded, and as such decide to explore each other by starting a casual physical relationship, while she continues looking for more suitable husband and he avoids commitment.While the campus hunk is in perplexity and her nerd hubby in the dark, she is the one who has the last laugh. Joon-young needs to think about the ending with this merry wife of another man.Even since the Korean TV soap opera "Autumn in my heart" ("Gaeul donghwa") invaded Hong Kong in 2000, people here suddenly got crazy about the Korean pop culture: TV, electronic games and thousands and hundred of movies.This is a very modern tale, which is romantic, dramatic, smart, sexy and realistic.

The wedding at the beginning is a telling symbol that "marriage" is the pillar shoring up the society and human relationship.He is suffering from post-traumatic disorder and trapped in a loveless marriage with Soo Jin, ...See full summary » A detective, his 3 girls & a murder case.Brilliantly written, excellently performed, smartly directed. If you think that Marriage really is a Crazy Thing then you will more than likely find a lot to love within this film.spoilers Those familiar with the Korean romance that is getting more and more global attention may or may not agree with what I say about Marriage Is A Crazy Thing.On the surface, Marriage seems to be very different from other movies in this genre where a kiss would often seem too explicit an expression of love.

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