Gemini dating scorpio

While it’s true that it’s very easy to get a divorce in America, bad marriages can scar you emotionally.So you might want to hold off, make sure that you are ready and make sure that your partner is ready to ensure long term Gemini and Scorpio marriage compatibility this year and beyond.It’s easy to think that such a pairing will end up in disaster.If you think this way with pairing with a Gemini or Scorpio, you would basically be buying to conventional wisdom.

In fact, this could be one of the happiest marriage combinations in the entire horoscope. However, if you pair up an emotionally immature Gemini with an undeveloped Scorpio, it can lead to lots of turbulence.

However, you have to do your end of the bargain as well.

Otherwise that same Scorpio man might hold it against you. If there is any issue with sexual compatibility with these signs, its this: Don’t view sex as substitute for emotional intensity.

Scorpios on the other hand, can walk away from this situation feeling that the Gemini is holding back or is not sincere.

The reality is that things don’t have to be complicated.

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