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Vi er så heldige å få være veiledere på OECDs kontaktpunkt sitt kurs i aktsomhetsvurderinger.

Siste workshop i dag, og som alltid spennende diskusjoner blant bedriftene.

Pathan girls and also afghani girls/women are much more beautiful but ofcourse you know they are also hidden behind veils and hold.

Balochi girls, like Sindhi and Pathan girls, are not seen in any walk of life mostly. This leaves us Karachi where girls from all Pakistan exist because it is such a cosmopolitan and multi - faith and multi - ethnic city, you have mohajir girls who are from all the immigrant families from India, rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP, Behari, dehli-walay, bengali, gujrati etc etc.

Pakistanis in Europe and America may also be dating other South Asian women like Indian muslims.

But dating in Pakistan for the average Pakistani single is a misnomer..." Karachi University: dating possibilities.

@Trinesg @erna_solberg @Siv_Jensen_Fr P @virke_no #Utviklingsminister Trengs Find out how a village women’s committee network grew into an active trade union with a different approach to normal union organizing models… Y09v TONM IEH ønsker alle 160 medlemmer og alle våre samarbeidspartnere et godt nytt år. 2018 #UNForum BHR will take place in Geneva during 26-28 November.

#tilbakeskritt Er det en forenkling at offentligheten går glipp av viktig informasjon rundt samfunnsansvar?

Vi kan ikke godta at rapportering på samfunnsansvar bare blir satt en strek over, sier @Ingrid Heggo fra @Arbeiderpartiet i Stortingsbehandling av regnskapsloven. @Frode Elgesem @Beate Sjafjell @WWF @FIVH…

written by Bret Fetzer & Juliet Waller Pruzan directed by Rachel Katz Carey with songs by Rick Miller Jan. 14, 2009 When 8 year old Kirsty Vanderkamp finds a hidden world in the nooks and crannies of her house — dust bunny farmers under the bed, a burlesque show in the butter compartment, a tabloid published in the china cabinet — she also finds herself caught up the wake of Aura Rotter, an ambitious social climber working her way up the rungs of society, and the lovelorn Iota Potts, a farmboy who risks everything that ever mattered to him to win Aura’s heart.

As expected, there were plenty of answers given and plenty of opinions expressed.

"Some people say Lahori girls are sexiest but i guess its all one's own prejudice against other parts of Pakistan or areas," replied one Mullah Nasruddin.

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Blant annet rundt rapportering, audits, og interessentdialog.

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