Dating choices of high school students

An interesting point was brought up in the discussion section of my last article on 400m training.

A suggestion was made that if you (as a parent) don’t have faith in your high school’s coaches, pull the athlete from the high school team and have them compete for better coaches in a more appropriate environment. Most high school athletic departments are amazingly antiquated and Socialist institutions.

That made me start thinking about an idea that seems to be gaining traction. Their inability to see outside the confines of their own insulated world has them grasping tenuously to a losing belief system on how to both develop young athletes, as well as adapt to the many opportunities athletes have in addition to being on the high school team.

These athletic departments don’t realize that their own inability and/or refusal to adapt stands as the source of their own destruction.

If public high schools, coaches and athletic departments want to keep their head in the sand and wax poetic about the good old days, that’s their choice. And that sucks because we actually know what we’re doing.

The youth sports landscape has changed and as evolution has taught us, we must adapt or we will die.

There is a growing trend here in America that has more and more athletes abandoning, or, at least, downplaying the importance of their high school sports team to compete for AAU and Club teams and get quality, individualized coaching from superior coaches outside the confines of their public school coaches.

Additionally, young athletes with great athletic potential are bypassing their hometown schools in favor of private schools with superior traditions for developing athletic success. Let me give you an example: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I worked in a program where some kids’ wildly positive and successful experience on the track team caused them to give up other sports in order to train for track and field.

Due to ignorance in the true sense of the term : “Kids quitting the soccer team might be good for the track team, but it’s bad for the soccer team.” What a fatally flawed and inherently Socialist line of logic.

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