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The public is encouraged to attend to learn what the committee does and the benefits of having one in the community.

Speakers at this year's meeting will discuss crisis management and disposal of household hazardous materials.

Members of the Committee hold credentials in many historic preservation-related fields.

The meeting site is accessible to people with disabilities.

Regardless of the type of firearm or situation, your finger never touches the trigger until you are on target and have made the decision to fire.

Firearms are designed so they don't discharge until such time the trigger is manually depressed.

While shotguns and rifles usually require two hands to change the direction of the muzzle, handguns are prone to being accidentally pointed in the wrong direction.

Izabela Zych currently works at the Department of Psychology, University of Cordoba (Spain).

Izabela does research in Emotion, Educational Psychology and Developmental Psychology.

Special accommodations for the meeting may be made by calling (503) 986-0690.

More information about the National Register and Oregon properties listed in the Register is online at on "National Register" at left of page).

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The Treasurer's Office has made this change to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

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